Comprehensive Therapy

Comprehensive Therapy

Comprehensive Therapy

Comprehensive Therapy Services Throughout Illinois

Our Comprehensive Therapy helps patients meet their goals to recover quickly and return home as soon as possible.

At Rosewood Care Centers, we provide a variety of multidisciplinary therapy options to our patients to ensure maximum results. We focus on comprehensive therapy methods that are all aimed at getting you better!

Our therapists know that one type of therapy may not be enough to meet the goals of a patient. Combining different approaches to make a comprehensive plan is the Rosewood solution. Patients get the care they need and then success follows.

Our therapists work closely with physicians and nursing staff to develop an effective treatment program specifically for each patient.  We provide ongoing assessments of patients’ needs, coordination, and implementation of care. We want to ensure our patients understand every aspect of our comprehensive therapy. Patient knowledge of medications and managing healthcare needs after leaving the hospital is important to us. We want our patients to know they are supported by therapists, certified nursing assistants, and licensed physicians.

Our rehabilitation staff will also work with you to reinforce mobility goals outside of therapy sessions after you have returned home. Our primary goal is to return our patients home with a smile. Then, we know we have made a positive difference in your life.

For more information contact us or schedule a visit at one of our many locations across Illinois and the Greater St. Lous area.