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5 Ways to Get Active This Year
5 Ways to Be More Active in 2020 Many of us live lives where we sit a lot. We sit ...
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Senior woman painting.
Best Hobbies for Seniors Hobbies can be a fun and exciting part of your everyday life. Hobbies are something you ...
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Rosewood Fall Fest
2019 was filled with plenty of smiles, laughs, and fun! At Rosewood Care Centers, we build relationships with our patients ...
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Tips For Traveling Over The Holidays With An Injury
Traveling can be stressful enough when you are perfectly healthy, but traveling with an injury can be even worse. Since ...
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Rosewood Elgin Location
Rosewood Care Center in Elgin Honored as Best Nursing Home The Rosewood Care Center in Elgin just received a great ...
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How to Reduce Holiday Stress This Season
Tips to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season We all know that the holidays can be a stressful time. As a ...
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Holiday dinner with family.
There’s a lot to love about the holiday season. Decorating you house, spending time with friends and family, eating mountains ...
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Man injured in winter
Bypass Winter Injuries with These Tips With winter comes freezing weather and snow. This can be the most beautiful and ...
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Elderly couple jog outside in the winter
Ways to Stay Active This Winter The cold winter weather can always make a great excuse to cuddle up on ...
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Christmas Tree
Tips on Celebrating the Holidays in a Nursing Home When you think of past holidays you might go back to ...
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