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How to Choose a Short-Term Rehab Center After Surgery
If your loved one is planning to have surgery, or is in the hospital for an injury, then it might ...
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physical therapist and patient
Have you encountered physical therapy? Were you recovering from an injury or helping a loved one go through rehab after ...
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Physical therapy appoitment with doctor and patient.
Being injured is never a good feeling, especially when you are experiencing pain during the early stages of recovery. Sometimes ...
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Man looking at watch.
Wondering when the best time of the day is to get your work out in? While the best time of ...
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Woman doing an at-home workout in front of a television.
Creative At-Home Workouts Tired of the same workout day-in and day-out? Then we have some tips for you! Rosewood Care ...
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Womanholding back of leg - how to tell if you have strained a muscle.
Muscle injuries and sprains take place when a muscle is overstretched or works too hard. Usually, the injury can be ...
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How to treat back pain without surgery.
Back pain, unfortunately, is a widespread problem that doesn’t just affect seniors, but people of all ages. For some, the pain ...
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Clock with person sleeping in background.
Why Sleep Is Vital for Your Health Do you find yourself getting little to no sleep each night? How well ...
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A physical therapist helping an elderly man holdinh weights
Whether you are active, exercise regularly or if you are just getting started, it can be frustrating when you are ...
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Woman swimming in a lap pool with goggles and a cap on
Who doesn’t love a good swim on a hot summer day? While we all love a casual dip in the ...
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