Rosewood Advantage

The goal at Rosewood is to improve each resident’s functional capacity for better health,
recovery and return home whenever possible.

Our comprehensive programs are conducted by trained staff in consultation with the resident’s physician and a wide network of medical experts.

In addition, we have brought the specialized services of medical consultants and providers to Rosewood so our residents can take advantage of their expertise on site.

Your own personal physician guides and supports your medical care while at Rosewood. If you do not have a personal physician, Rosewood has a referral network of doctors and specialists available to you.

We realize that even when it is medically necessary, change can be difficult. Our professional caregivers are specially trained in counseling and assistance with personal problems common to aging, lifestyle changes, and the adjustment of residing in a new place.

At Rosewood, nursing staff and department heads are never too busy to discuss your concerns about progress, therapy, and general well-being. In addition to normal business hours and availability, our professional caregivers will schedule consultations and visits to the facility before and after the business day and on the weekend to fit your schedule.

Most importantly, the staff and administration at Rosewood have created a facility and environment that are reassuring, informative and above all, supportive.

…..a healthcare choice you can feel good about.