World Mental Health Day

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day


With World Mental Health Day being this month, we thought what better way to raise awareness than to share with you some mental health tips brought to you by us here at Rosewood Care Centers.

Our first tip is to try writing your thoughts down on paper. Not only does it feel like a weight lifted off your shoulder, but it also allows you to get out your frustrations that you have been keeping bundled inside. This can also be used for tracking your changes in moods or behaviors over time. Consider it a secret diary-like when you were younger, or a place to work through some stuff in privacy.


Another idea, when you are feeling super stressed and overwhelmed with work or life, is to see if there is any way to put a positive spin on it. Even in a moment of total chaos and stress, there are still ways to try to find the good in something at the moment.


When you are super stressed, plan to take little mental breaks and go for a short walk to walk off the stress. This is great for when something goes wrong at work and you need just a few minutes alone to breathe.


Try to counter any negative thoughts you have with positive ones. Negative thoughts are unfortunately a part of life, but if you can find something positive to counter it, you are taking steps in the right direction. For example, if you are feeling bad about getting out of bed at noon, counter it with the fact that your body really needed rest this week.


When you are stuck in a whirl of negative thoughts, try to write down two good things. It might be hard to think of anything else when you are upset, but when you take the time to think about it, thinking about someone or something who brings you joy can make a little bit of that anger or negativity go away.


Lastly, take time out of your day for yourself. Your mental health is important and you need to remind yourself that it is okay to take time for yourself every day. We hope you use some of these small, but impactful ways to help improve your mental health after celebrating world mental health day.


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