What Causes Burning Legs?

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What causes burning legs?

What causes burning legs?

What Causes Burning Legs?

It is often common for someone to feel a burn in their legs during an exercise, or even because of sunburn. Other medical conditions can also cause nerve damage, which might be what that “burning” in your legs is. So what are the causes and treatments for when your legs burn? Find out below at Rosewood Care Centers.



  • Skin, muscle, and nerves in legs burn from pain
  • Excessive exercise, or intense exercise after a long break
  • Injury to the leg like a stretched or strained muscle
  • Sun exposure hours later after being in the sun
  • Peripheral neuropathy- nerve damage in legs, arms, feet, and or hands
  • Meralgia Parestheticap compressed nerve in the thigh area




  • Injured muscles and damaged skin from sun can be healed at home with home remedies
  • Icing, elevating, and resting the area affected is great for helping the muscles heal
  • Gentle stretches in the thigh area also help to prevent aches and pains
  • Find a Rosewood Location near you to speak to one of our qualified physicians for help



When to See a Doctor:

  • When a burn causes a blister on large areas of the body
  • If you have a fever, headache, confusion, or nausea
  • If the burn gets worse or does not improve in 2 days
  • When there is no clear cause of chronic tingling and numbness


The best idea when you are not sure why your legs are burning is to seek medical attention and ask your doctor what is going on. We here at Rosewood are happy to help! While people can usually treat these issues at home with rest and recovery, doctors are able to run tests and diagnose these conditions to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your diagnosis.


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