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physical therapist and patient

Physical Therapy 101

physical therapist and patient

Have you encountered physical therapy? Were you recovering from an injury or helping a loved one go through rehab after surgery? While you may  have heard of it or gone through it, some might not know exactly what physical therapy entails. Find out all about it below!


So, what is a physical therapist?

These licensed health professionals go by the term PT’s or physiotherapists, and have very unique graduate degree training in physical therapy. In order to get certified, one must pass a national exam much like the rest of the healthcare field.


What do they do?

Your physical therapist will look at your condition and figure out what you need to get yourself back on track. They also conduct hands-on treatments for your symptoms and give special exercises to get you back to full strength.


They will then watch your progress each week, record it, and help adjust each treatment if necessary to get to where you want to be. While you can do it in a facility, at-home workouts might also be given to help improve the injury.


Where can you go?

Physical therapists can be found all over, and your doctor will often give you a list of recommendations after surgery or being diagnosed with an injury. You can find therapy in hospitals, outpatient clinics, sport medicine centers, medical offices, nursing homes, rehab centers, and much more.


Types of physical therapy will vary depending on a person’s injury. Because of the idea that everyone is different, some might have the same injury, but one person might need therapy longer. The length of your stay does not necessarily mean the extent of your injury is worse/better, but might mean how well your body progresses and recovers.


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