How to Treat Back Pain Without Surgery

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How to treat back pain without surgery.

How to treat back pain without surgery.

Back pain, unfortunately, is a widespread problem that doesn’t just affect seniors, but people of all ages. For some, the pain might arise suddenly from too much lifting or a wrong turn and for others, it could be chronic. No matter the type, there are ways to treat the pain without surgery. Check out the ways to treat back pain from us here at Rosewood Care Centers.


Spinal Manipulation/ Stress Management Techniques

Leading us off, spinal manipulation also known as chiropractic manipulation uses hands to massage, adjust and stimulate your spine. This technique helps reduce pain and can be done by physical therapy, or a masseuse. Stress often causes a person to have their muscles tense at all times. Using stress management techniques or massages can help relieve tension in the body.



This is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that can be highly effective in reducing back pain. Commonly used for chronic pain in the lower back, people have found it works best when a patient continues to use it over a period of time.


Weight Loss/Exercise

Your back muscles, bones, and joints all work together to support your body when you are moving, sitting, or even standing. The more weight your body is putting on your bones etc. the harder they are going to have to work. Studies have shown that obesity is linked to high levels of back pain. Working out not only lowers body fat, but it helps relieve pain.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Higher levels of inflammation in the body has a closer connection to chronic pain. While some anti-inflammatory drugs OTC work for some pain relief, a change of diet can help lower the body’s inflammation and make your pain tolerable. Try eating foods likes vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish more often.


Correcting Posture/Proper Foot Wear

A large portion of patients who come in for back pain have pain caused by incorrectly sitting or slouching while working, watching television, etc. For adolescents especially, this is a high contributor for back pain. Work on sitting up straighter and over time your pain will go down. Wearing proper shoes with lots of support will also help to correct posture and pain.


Physical Therapy

What better way to reduce pain than with at-home workouts during physical therapy! Physical therapy involves specific stretches and exercises that help strengthen your body’s muscles and relieve pain. When done regularly, patients start to see results fast and effective.


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