Why Swimming Is a Great Rehab

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Woman swimming in a lap pool with goggles and a cap on

Why Swimming Is a Great Rehab

Woman swimming in a lap pool with goggles and a cap on

Who doesn’t love a good swim on a hot summer day? While we all love a casual dip in the pool, swimming is actually a really good exercise and one of the best rehabs believe it or not. Luckily for you, we at Rosewood Care Centers have gathered a list of why swimming is a great rehab.

Water based exercise can be highly beneficial for rehabbing an injury. Not only is it great for athletes, but also for anyone who has experienced an injury to the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Swimming helps to strengthen your body when done properly and often.

The key to its effectiveness is because of the water’s buoyancy – it helps keep your body a float. The resistance in the water also helps to challenge your muscles while exercising in the water.


When swimming, there is less pressure on your body because the water helps to take the pressure off of your joints to support your body weight. This is considered a “no weight workout”. This is perfect for those who have suffered from hip or knee injuries. You’ll enjoy a weightless full-body workout while also having fun too!


This is also a great rehab because it is a very low impact exercise. When exercising in water, it is a lot easier on your body because it reduces the risk of falling and/or stumbling. Water tends to be the safest option for most elder people.


We can’t talk about swimming without mentioning the heart benefits that come with it! Swimming is a great rehab because it gets your heart pumping and increases your overall heart health. This is a great option for people who are looking for a cardiovascular rehab option as well.


The benefits of swimming are endless and they work for people of all ages! No matter the injury you might have, the effects of swimming work wonders. Give swimming a try for your injury today or just to get a good workout in!


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