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Signs You Might Need Physical Therapy

You do not have to be recovering from a surgery or serious injury to benefit from going to physical therapy. Today, most people who go to physical therapy or enroll in rehabilitation programs go to prevent further wear and tear on their body.


Our team at Rosewood Care Centers have put together a list of some signs that might indicate that you need physical therapy. As a nursing and rehab center, here are the most common symptoms that drove our patients to attend physical therapy.


  1. Sharp pains. When you experience a dull pain, you can usually treat it with an ice pack and the problem will go away. When you have sharp pains, the pain will not always go away with ice, and could be a sign of a more serious underlying injury.


  1. Lingering pains. After an intense workout, it is normal for your body to have some pain. When it is a week later and you are still having a lingering pain from your day at the gym, it is a sign that it might be time to try out physical therapy.


  1. After experiencing an injury or trauma, going to physical therapy will benefit broken bones and tears in the muscles. It is better to take care of the problem right after it happens instead of waiting until it gets worse down the road.


  1. Another sign is when you start to see that pain medication is no longer effective in making the issue go away. If the discomfort continues to happen after you have run out of medicine, it is time to try another option. Rosewood Care Centers located throughout Illinois is the perfect place to go for your short-term therapy.


Are you looking for a nursing center close to your home? Just search for a “rehab center near me” or give us a call today. Our healthcare team is ready to help you recover and get back on your feet.

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